Cleveland, OH Plane Crashes Into House, Aug 1971


Cleveland (UPI) -- Two persons were killed and two others injured Friday when a twin engine Chicago & Southern Air lines mail plane crashed into a suburban Fairview Park home minutes after takeoff and burst into flames, making the sky a "brilliant orange."
Killed in the crash were co-pilot JOHN DeANGELO of Chicago and ALEX RHODES, 70, occupant of the home.
The injured pilot, THOMAS BABIARZ, 23, of Hickory Hills, Ill., and RHODES' wife, ALICE, 60, were being treated at Fairview Park General Hospital for injuries. BABIARZ was listed in fair condition.
The plane, which was enroute to Detroit, has just taken off from Cleveland Hopkins Airport prior to the crash.
Airport Control Tower Chief Tom Jones said the pilot asked for permission to make a practice check for his instrument landing system immediately after it took off.
"He came around and lined up with the runway he had used," Jones said. "Then he said he was on his way to Detroit and told the tower good night."
Don Besser, fire chief of neighboring Rocky River, said the aircraft snapped a 4,600 volt cable when it was coming down, severed the tip of its wing on a street, then crashed into the Rhodes house bursting into flames.
Roger Rhodes, 30, son of the victim, was in the house at the time of the crash, but escaped unharmed. He said he was awakened by a
"tremendous explosion."
"The walls began caving in," said Rhodes. "I thought we had been bombed. I was carried right through with the rubble of the house. The next thing I knew I was outside."
Jack Rhodes, another son of the victim, and his wife, Margaret, lived next door and also heard the crash.
"I was asleep when I heard the crash," Margaret Rhodes said. "I looked out and saw the sky was a brilliant orange. I went outside and couldn't believe my eyes."

Times Recorder Zanesville Ohio 1971-08-28