Air Line Junction, OH Trainman Ran Over By Train, Jun 1900

Mysterious Death.

The Body of A.G. Flint Found on the Tracks.

The Remains Were Mangled Almost Beyond Recognition.

Mr. Flint and Family Moved From Adrian in September, 1898.

And Was Employed as a Switchman in the Air Line Yards.

Relatives in this city were terribly shocked this morning when a message came from Toledo, announcing the mysterious death of G. A. Flint, a former resident of Adrian.

The exact cause of this death is a matter of speculation. All that is known of it is that Mr. Flint’s body was discovered on the Lake Shore tracks, just east of Air Line station, at an early hour this morning.

The remains were so badly mangled, that they were scarcely recognizable, the body having been almost cut in two by the train which ran over him.

In the sad party which went to Toledo this morning to try and comfort the stricken family were Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Brown, brother-in-law and sister of the unfortunate man; R.W. Burton, a nephew; Mrs. L.Q. Berry and Mrs. Laura Maloney, who are also sisters-in-law of the deceased. Beside these Mr. Flint had many friends in Adrian who will be hardly less shocked to learn of his untimely end.

But universal sympathy goes out especially to the stricken widow in Toledo, who with her two little boys, aged four and one-half and two and one-half years, respectively, to-day mourns the loss of a kind and loving husband, who was torn from her in a most heart rending manner.

Complete mystery surrounds the death of Mr. Flint. It happened sometime during the night. As Mr. Flint was a strictly temperate man and had nothing to make him despondent, all theories of falling on the track or self destruction are without foundation. Just how it occurred will probably never be known.

G.A. Flint and family formerly resided in Adrian at 55 Center street, Mr. Flint being employed by the Lake Shore as a section man. A year ago last September the family moved to Toledo, and Mr. Flint has been employed as a switchman in the Air Line yards.

Mr. Flint was a member of Adrian lodge, A.O.U.W., and carried a life policy of $8,000 in this order. He was also a member of the Switchman’s Union, and carried an accident policy. Mrs. Flint is an aunt of Attorney L.B. Robertson.

The following dispatch from Toledo tells more of the sad death of Mr. Flint.

His Death.

Special to Telegram:

Toledo, June 22.-G.A. Flint, a switchman in the employ of the Lake Shore railroad company, met with a horrible death while in the discharge of his duties about 10 o’clock last night. He was engaged in cutting the cars, and was found alongside the track, just outside the rails east of the station. It is not known how he met death, but his body was badly mutilated, the head being nearly severed, and both legs broken in several places. He had on a pair of new shoes, and the supposition is that he slipped on the wet end of a tie while stepping out from between the cars and fell under the wheels. His body was doubled up as if he had been rolled along on the ground. The car that went over him was but a few feet further on. Flint was not missed until he was wanted to answer a signal and then a search revealed the horrible means of his death.

Adrian Daily Telegram, Adrian, MI 22 Jun 1900


The funeral of A.G. Flint, who met such a tragic death at the Air Line Junction last Thursday night, was conducted at the Broad Street M.E. church Sunday morning, at 11 o’clock. The regular morning service was shortened for that purpose. The remains arrived here at 9:28 in the morning, on a special car attached to the Lake Shore train, and accompanied by a large delegation of the Toledo Switchman’s Union, of which the deceased was a member. The bearers were members of this union. The Adrian branch of the A.O.U.W. attended in a body, and escorted the remains to Oakwood. Rev. C.L. Adams preached an impressive sermon, and the A.O.U.W. service was conducted at the grave.

Adrian Daily Telegram, Adrian, MI 25 Jun 1900