Cleveland, OH Launch BUTTERFLY Sinking, Sept 1904

Narrow Escapes Before.

John B. Begley in Two Other Boating Accidents, One in Butterfly, the Other in Rowboat.

The accident which cost the life of John B. Begley Saturday night was not the first of its kind which he had experienced. Four weeks ago he and several companions were fishing in a small boat off the foot of Doan street. A small squall came up and capsized the boat. For many minutes the men struggled in the water, but as the sea was not particularly high they managed to right the boat and crawl in. Begley could not swim, and it was only through the efforts of his companions that he was saved from drowning.

Two weeks ago Begley and several companions went out for a short tide in the Butterfly, the same boat which went down with them Saturday. When over a mile from shore the engine broke down and the boat losing its headway, swung into the trough of the waves. The sea was quite high that day and the waves soon filled the boat and tossed it about, throwing the occupants overboard. There was a hard fight, but the crew managed to crawl back into the boat and get her head on to the waves, when they bailed her out, repaired the engine and returned to shore in safety.

Begley was not invited to make up the trip to Rocky River until Saturday morning after he had gone to work in the office of the Cuyahoga Abstract Co., where he had been employed as a clerk for the past twelve years. He did not notify his brothers and sisters of his intentions. They were greatly worried when he did not return to his home Saturday night, but thought that he had probably stopped with a friend over night. They were told of the accident about midnight.

Immediately his two brothers, W.E. and D.W. Begley, went to Edgewater park and watched its shore until their brother’s body was washed in yesterday morning right at the feet of D.W. Begely. He called to his other brother and with the assistance of others they pulled the body of John from the water. Late last night it was taken to the home at No. 551 Scovill avenue. The funeral services have not been decided upon.

Begley was twenty-eight years old, and was born at the home at No. 551 Scovill avenue, where he lived all his life. After studying in public schools he went into the employ of the abstract company, which he made his life work. Aside from his two brothers he leaves one sister, Miss Katherine.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 5 Sept 1904