Cleveland, OH Runaway Accident, Sept 1868

Runaway—Terrible Injury.

An old man named Myers, in the employ of Bloch & Schwartzenberg, met with a painful accident yesterday afternoon. He was engaged in loading a two horse wagon with empty oil barrels, at Captain Pierces’ dock, River street. While standing on the summit of the load, a barrel hoop fell against the heels of the horses, frightening them into a run. The old gentleman fell backwards and caught his feet in a rope used to keep the load steady. In this position he was dragged up street. Just before reaching Centre street, he had partially drawn himself up, when a barrel fell upon him—the sharp edge striking him full in the face inflicting a frightful cut. The wagon then struck a lamp post and was overturned, freeing the poor fellow from the rope. He was carried into a drug store, where his wounds were dressed, after which he was carried to his home, on St. Clair street.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 29 Sept 1868