Canton, OH Lightning Strikes Football Players, Oct 1936



Canton, Ohio, Oct. 6 (AP) -- Lightning crashed into a group of Lehman High School football players at practice late today, killing the team's co-captain and injuring 11 others, including two coaches.
DON CORRELL, 18-year-old tackle, was killed, and Coach JIMMY ROBINSON was in serious condition with his left leg paralyzed.
In the hospital suffering from burns and shock were:
WILLIAM MILLER, 18, center.
JOHN KLINE, 17, left tackle.
WILLIAM ATKINSON, 15, substitute right guard.
The remainder of those injured, including Assistant Coach WILBUR BILLINGS, were rushed to the hospital for treatment but later released.
The players had been practicing under threatening skies. Two teams were engaged in scrimmage on the school's practice field. It started to rain but there had been no lightning.
The coach called the boys into a huddle. He called for "just a couple more plays." The team lined up.
The flash crashed into the group. Players flew in all directions.
Wallace Ferrell, an eye witness, said "there was a blinding flash and members of the team fell to the ground. Those who were able got up and helped out the injured in cars and took them to the hospital."
Members of the squad, knocked down by the shock, said they did not know what had happened.
"I thought I was 'clipped,'" said John Haupt, right halfback. "I didn't know what hit me. Everything went black."
"When I came too, I looked around and saw DON CORRELL lying on the ground. He was very still and his face was blue. All the other boys on the team were lying on the ground. Some of them were moaning."
Coach ROBINSON said the storm came up quickly and that he had "no idea of lightning."
The practice field is entirely in the open and has no trees on it.
CORRELL wore a metal nose guard, insulated with rubber, when the fatal bolt struck. His teammates said he was a trumpet player and wore the guard to protect his lips. He was a junior.

Twin Falls Daily News Idaho 1936-10-07