Cleveland, OH Kitchen Stove Explosion and Fire, Jun 1897


Mrs. Emma Dobbert’s Clothes Catch Fire and She Dies From the Effects of the Burns.

Mrs. Emma Dobbert, aged thirty years of No. 106 East End avenue, was fatally burned at her home yesterday as a result of pouring oil in the kitchen stove to hasten the flames. The accident occurred about 10:30 o’clock in the morning, while Mrs. Dobbert was engaged in baking bread.

After Mrs. Dobbert had poured the oil on the fire the flames shot up, almost enveloping her, and an explosion followed.

Mrs. Dobbert ran out of the house screaming loudly for help. The flames were rapidly burning her clothes from her body, and not seeing anyone in the yard Mrs. Dobbert ran into the house of a neighbor. There was no one in the house excepting a young child. Mrs. Dobbert retraced her steps until she reached her own house and then fell prostrate upon the porch.

By this time neighbors, who had been attracted by her agonizing cries for help, were at her side, endeavoring to extinguish the flames as best they could. Mrs. Dobbert was carried into the house and Dr. Quinlan of Euclid avenue was summoned. After the doctor arrived he did everything he could to relieve her suffering, but it was quite apparent that Mrs. Dobbert could not survive her injuries.

At 4:15 o’clock in the afternoon she died, having suffered great agony in the meantime. The coroner was notified of her death. Mrs. Dobbert leaves three children, the youngest being only eight months old.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 12 Jun 1897


Emma Dobbert

So sad about Emma. She is my husband's great grandmother.