Vermillion, OH Interurban-Auto Wreck, Mar 1926

Crossing Crash In Fog Kills 2

Interurban Hits Auto In Bay Village

Man and Wife Run Down as He Fails to See Car When Heavy Mist Blankets Lake Shore.

Six Hurt When Bus And Machine Collide

One in Serious Condition in Smashup at Vermillion on Curve.

Two motorists were killed in a dense fog that swept in from Lake Erie yesterday, when the driver failed to see an interurban car on the Lake Shore Electric railway at Oakmore drive, Stop 20 ½, Bay Village.

Six were injured, one seriously, when an automobile crashed head on into an eastbound Cleveland-Sandusky bus in Vermillion at 9 p.m., during the fog that wholly obscured the road in front of Crystal Beach park entrance.

The dead:
PAUL F. KLEIN, 59, proprietor of the Klein Printing Co., 7821 Lakewood hospital.
MRS. VALENA KLEIN, 49, bride of a few months, killed instantly.

The Klein’s lived at 4207 Fenwick avenue S.W.

Taken to Lorain Hospital.

The injured in the Vermillion accident, all of whom were taken to St. Joseph’s hospital, Lorain, and all of Lagrange, O., were:

Laurel Hastings, driver of the automobile, several fractures and cuts, in serious condition; Catherine Knowles, severe cuts and broken bones; Winifred Wilcox and Wilma Wilcox, treated for cuts and bruises. Two others were treated for slight injuries.

The Bay village crash occurred at 3:12 p.m., about 500 yards from the home of Arthur R. Klein, son of the dead man, whom the couple were going to visit.

Marshal John Eaton of Bay village said he believed Klein did now see the speeding westbound limited two-car train because of the fog.

The automobile was struck squarely and hurled fifty feet.

The accident at Vermillion occurred on a sharp curve. Marshal Paul A. Cleaver said the driver of the automobile, in which all six of the injured were riding, swung to the left of the road in the fog, meeting the bus head on.

Auto is Wrecked.

The lighter automobile was wrecked. Three passengers in the bus and the driver, Robert Hammon of Sandusky, were badly shaken.

The fog menaced all lake shore traffic, but extended inland only a short distance, except along river valleys.

It was due, according to Weather Forecaster, E.H. Emery, to an inshore breeze that swept off the ice sheet on the lake, and met the warm air that heralded the first day of spring.

Public square, Euclid Avenue and traffic arteries to the north and highways paralleling the lake to the west were enveloped in fog. The wet ground was steaming in many places hit only by the chilly breeze.

Downtown Obscured.

The fog swept over the downtown section about noon with the appearance of heavy smoke.

The temperature at the weather bureau, recorded on the roof of the Society for Savings building, Public square, stood at a degree below freezing practically all day, Emery said. But temperatures south of the fog area, under the warm sun, were generally much higher. Beyond the fog districts, the skies were a deep blue and the sun was out for twelve hours and nine minutes, rising at 6:30 a.m. and setting at 6:39 p.m., according to tables of the United States hydrographic office.

Emery said last night the fog would continue until the wind changed. He said fog was reported all along the lake from Erie, Pa. to Toledo, O.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 22 Mar 1926