Cleveland, OH Passenger Train Derails, May 1889


Cleveland, O., May 9. -- The north-bound passenger train on the Valley Railroad which was due here at 2:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon entered the city limits on time and was running along at the rate of thirty miles an hour when the smoker left the track. It turned to the right and collided with a car loaded with coal on a side track. There were fourteen passengers in the smoker at the time, two of whom were instantly killed and four of whom were painfully injured. A half dozen other passengers were bruised and cut, but not seriously. The front end of the smoker was demolished, the roof being over the coal-car and the floor beneath it, after it had settled. The dead and injured were provided for by the railway officials.
The dead are:
E. D. ODBERT, of Akron, O., son of a wealthy operator, 22 years old.
GEORGE J. KEMPF, of No. 24 Erin Avenue, traveling salesman, 26 years old.
Those injured were:
LAWRENCE O'CONNELL, Akron, O., left leg fractured.
MRS. CAROLINE CHILTSEY, No. 22 Ohio Street, Cleveland, rib broken.
W. M. CLARK, Brooklyn, N. Y., agent of Missouri Pacific Railroad, left leg bruised.
JAMES C. TAYLOR, Cambridge, O., accountant and paymaster of the Cleveland & Meriette Railroad, cut in the face.

Elkhart Sentinel Indiana 1889-05-09