Shanesville, OH Flooring Collapse At Party, Jan 1882


Cleveland, O., Jan. 2. -- A special from Shanesville, Ohio, states:
The Knights are of the first families of the place, and the gathering included the intelligence and beauty of the neighborhood. The band had just ceased playing when a crash was heard and the floor began to settle lengthwise in the center. The timber had slipped off the post in the rear and pulled out of the brick wall in front. The center settled rapidly and broke lengthwise the joist being kept up at the outer ends inside the walls. This threw the people, tables, stove and all together. The falling floors barricaded the front doors, but these were soon chopped down. A chandelier in the store-room below was broken, and the oil spilled over a number of persons and burst into a blaze.
MILTON YODER, aged five years, was burned to death in his mother's arms, and she was fatally burned. Fortunately the building did not catch fire. The storm added to the confusion. MISS MARY NEFF, 20 years old was killed, and 45 persons painfully injured.

Newport Daily News Rhode Island 1882-01-03