Cincinnati, OH Explosion Of Towboat RAVEN, Apr 1870

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The Wounded.
At the hospitals this morning we were able to obtain the names of some of those who were wounded: MADISON CIRCLE, deck-hand, severely wounded, at Cincinnati Hospital; REUBEN SAUSSER, fireman, badly scalded; ELIAS BOWEN, deck-hand, badly injured; GEORGE ABELS, engineer, bruised and scalded; JOHN CHRISTY, fireman, slightly bruised; SAM FINLEY, deck-hand, slightly; LEONARD BROWN, deck-hand, slightly; LEVI SAUSSER, steward, slightly cut on face; ROBERT DECKER, cook, badly burnt; ALLEN ALESHIRE, carpenter and watchman, scalded on the hands. Six of the wounded men were taken to the Good Samaritan Hospital.

Saved Uninjured.
Those known to be saved uninjured are JOSHUA SANFORD, deck-hand; JOHN CHRISTY; ROBERT HICKS, deck-hand and WM. LOVE, deck-hand. THOMAS WHITE, fireman, jumped overboard aft and was saved by scrambling upon a barge.
The following are the names of the wounded at Marine Hospital:
By the lists which we have been able to make out, at least three persons were killed, ten wounded, and five saved uninjured. The two persons who were rescued by Joshua Tucker remain at his house, and their names we were unable to obtain.
This accounts for nearly all the crew.

It is something of a remarkable coincidence that the explosion took place near the spot where the ill fated Moselle blew up in 1838, when so many lives were lost.
The steamer Albion, which lay at the shore near where the explosion occurred, was somewhat damaged by the concussion and the falling debris, some of which was scattered all along the shore. Two pieces of the boiler were thrown to the corner of Front and Parson Streets, and one fragment was lodged upon the shore 35 or 40 feet from the water's edge. Another piece with mud drum attached, fell upon the railroad track at still greater distance.
The Raven was built in 1864-5, and was in the Government service during the war. She was purchased about eighteen months ago by the Pomeroy Salt and Transportation Company and was valued at $20,000. There is no insurance against explosion.

[By Telegraph.]
Cincinnati, April 16.
The following is additional information of the Raven disaster:
Supposed to be lost - ASA WOODWARD, pilot; JOHN COLVIN DeWOLF, first mate; JANE BELL, chambermaid. Persons on another boat, say they saw the two former go down.
Wounded - JOSEPH MARTIN, engineer, slightly scalded; LEVI SAUSSER, fireman, fearfully scalded; ELIAS L. BOWEN, deck-hand, badly bruised; GEORGE ABELS, engineer, badly bruised and scalded; JOHN CHRISTY, fireman, slightly bruised; ROBERT DECKER, steward, dangerously injured; SAMUEL FINLEY and LEONARD BROWN, deck-hands, slightly scalded; ALLEN ALSHIRE, carpenter, slightly scalded.
Uninjured - JASPER SANFORD and WILLIAM LOVE, deck-hands and two white firemen.

The Wheeling Daily Intelligencer West Virginia 1870-04-18