Wooster, OH Derailed Train Hit By Freight Train, Nov 1913


Wooster, O., Nov. 12 -- Three persons were killed and a dozen injured, one probably fatally, when eastbound Pennsylvania train No. 52 was wrecked four miles west of here tonight. The passenger train was derailed, falling on another track in the path of a freight train and the second accident caused the fatalities.
The dead are:
HARRY KREAKIE, Shreve, O., passenger.
F. K. AMORS, address unknown, horseman.
Brakeman SCHAIBLE, Allegheny, Pa.
The engine and tender and baggage cars leaped the track under the viaduct, where the Baltimore & Ohio railroad crosses the Pennsylvania, four miles west of here. The panic-stricken passengers rushed out of the train into the path of a westbound freight train, and KREAKIE and AMORS were killed. Engineer C. M. CREASE of Allegheny, Pa., was so badly scalded that it is feared he may die. Fireman GASCOIGNE of Allegheny and Express Messenger DEMAREST of Mansfield also were seriously injured, but they will recover.
The greater part of the passengers who had crowded out on the track in the freight train's path leaped into a creek at the foot of the embankment and escaped. B. L. HAUK of Canton, a traveling salesman, stood at the exit of one coach and fought back the passengers who tried to get out, probably saving the lives of many of them.
Automobiles brought the dead and injured to this city.

Nevada State Journal Reno Nevada 1913-11-14