Canton, OH Excursion Train Wreck July 1884



Pittsburgh, July 20. - Specials to the Dispatch from Canton (O.,) received late last night, says that a point on the Valley Railroad, two miles east of here, tonight, was the scene of a terrible wreck, in which 1000 excursionists from this city miraculously escaped with injuries, so far as it is known, while it is thought that half a dozen or more persons are under the wreck dead. The employees of Aultman & Co.'s machine works had their annual picnic today at Cuyahoga Falls and over 2000 persons went on the excursion made up of two trains of fifteen cars each. The first section arrived at Canton at 7:20 p.m., and while a hundred fathers, brothers and sisters were at the station waiting for their friends and relatives on the second section, a hatless messenger came running down the track crying that the train had been wrecked and many were killed and injured.
The scene that followed was one of the wildest description, and when the wreck was reached men, women and children ran around wringing their hands and looking for their loved ones. Nine cars were off the track and in water four feet deep. The cries of the injured were heartrending, and hundreds of willing hands immediately set to work and soon found that not more than twenty-five were injured. But it was impossible to say how many or who were killed.
About a dozen or more are missing and may be under the cars, but nothing can be definitely known until the wrecking train arrives, which is now on its way to the scene. A telegraph office has been opened at the scene, and everything is being done to alleviate the sufferings of the injured.
The list, so far as can be learned, is as follows:
MARY SCHLUMSKY, aged 19, feet crushed and leg broken.
ALBERT TRAVEL, aged 18, arm broken, chest crushed and back injured.
ELLA NUMAN, aged 18, leg broken and internal injuries.
MRS. A. GROVEMILLER, severe internal injuries.
MRS. WALKER, mostly internal injuries.
AGNES LIPPERT, feet crushed.
LENA HUBECKER, internal injuries.
MINNIE GLASS, spine injured.
JULIUS HUBECKER and wife both sustained internal injuries.
CHAS. HECKMAN, head cut.
MRS. JOSEPH DICK, internal injuries.
HARRY TIFFE, aged 17, head cut and badly crushed.
The engineer says the wreck was caused by the track spreading. The engine went over all right, but the first car jumped the track and eight others followed, and the train ran along the side of the track for 200 feet, throwing the occupants from one side to the other and finally jumped from a small embankment and the doors were cut open and the people got out. Three doctors are on the ground attending to the wounded, several of whom they say will probably die.

Pittsburgh, Pa., July 20. - A Canton (O.) special says that the track at the scene of last night's wreck was cleared today. But three of the cars thrown into the mud are not yet removed. Twenty-two were injured, but no deaths are reported and the wounded are doing better than it was expected. No one was killed, and those missing and supposed to be under the wreck, have turned up all right. The loss to the railroad company is about $3000.

Cleveland, July 20. - An investigation shows that nobody was killed or dangerously injured by the accident last night to the excursion train near Canton.

The Galveston Daily News Texas 1884-07-21