Howard, OH Train Wreck, Feb 1908

Howard, Ohio Train Wreck, Feb 1908


Jumps Track, Wrecks and Fires Building, but Hurts No Passengers

Special to the Plain Dealer.

MILLERSBURG, O., Feb. 9. -- Two Pennsylvania passenger trains jumped the track early this morning, one here and one at Howard, about twenty miles southwest of here.  No one was hurt.

The wreck at Howard, however, destroyed the station.  The train, which is one of the night service south from Cleveland, left the rails just before it reached the station and knocked the corner off a stone arch bridge which carries a wagon road over the tracks.

That woke the passengers, not only those in two day coaches but in the Pullmans behind.  They were aroused just in time to hear the locomotive go plowing into the little station and tearing it to flinders [sic]. Then they piled out, rubbing their sleepy eyes, in time to see the station take fire from the locomotive.

No night trains stop in Howard, so the company doesn't keep a night man on duty.  The train crew knew that and went to work at once to same the books of the office.  That was done and the express messenger on the train saved from his car a package containing in $8,000 in currency.

Coaches Furnish Fuel.

There was a brisk fire, for the two day coaches and the express car, as well as the station, were burned.  It took some work to save the Pullmans, but a relief train finally arrived from Mt. Vernon and everyone went on his way.

An open switch is thought to have caused that wreck.

Plain Dealer, Cleveland, OH 10 Feb 1908