Haverhill, OH Freight and Passenger Train Collision, Jul 1899


Wreck on Norfolk & Western at Haverhill, Ohio.

Portsmouth, O., July 18 -- A head-end collision between passenger train No. 3 and a through freight occurred on the Norfolk & Western railway to-day at Haverhill.


GEORGE SLOAN, Coal Grove, freight engineer.

GEORGE EGBERT, Portsmouth, passenger fireman.

------ PERFINGER, Kenova, fireman.


Thomas Gimbry, engineer of No. 3, Columbus, leg and arm broken.

______ Tipton, fireman on the freight, badly hurt about the head.

Unknown colored tramp.

None of the passengers were hurt.

The wreck occurred in a heavy fog on a short curve, west of Haverhill.  Both trains were running at high speed. The engines, twenty freight cars and the baggage and express cars were reduced to a pile of wreckage.

The cause of the accident has not been determined.

The wreck was caused by the freight crew having gone to sleep on the siding at Haverhill, waiting for the passenger train to pass.  The passage of the freight awakened them.  Supposing it to be the passenger, they pulled out and had not gone a mile before the collision occurred.

Daily Illinois State Register, Springfield, IL 19 Jul 1899