New Concord, OH Greyhound Bus Accident, May 1946




Twenty persons were injured, three seriously, when an east-bound Greyhound bus skidded and overturned down a four-foot embankment at 6:30 o'clock this morning on the National Highway just west of New Concord.
Eight passengers and the driver, Jerome Schultz, 27, of Duquesne, Pa., escaped injury. None of the injured resided in this area.
The bus did not turn completely over but came to rest on its side with the front heading west.
Most seriously injured were:
HERMAN HILLMAN, 36, of 461 Ellis Street, North Side, Pittsburgh, pelvic injury.
HARRY CLEMENTS, 45, of 352 East 91st Street, New York City, back and head injuries.
THOMAS SCARBOR, Negro, of 2652 Market Street, Wheeling, W. Va., severe back injury and cut over right eye.
Less seriously hurt were:
NANCY HILLMAN, two-year-old daughter of HERMAN HILLMAN, hand injury.
CLARENCE BEVERIDGE, 18, of Rt. 1, Riley Road, Wheeling.
His wife, JOAN, 18, bruises about the head and face.
MRS. PAULINE CALDWELL, 22, of 605 11th Street, Moundsville, W. Va., back injuries.
MILDRED WUHOVICH, 20, of Van Voorhis, Pa., arm injury.
MRS. JOE WRIGHT, 35, of 5371 Catherine Street, Washington, Mich., who was moving to 9 Diamond Street, Wheeling, cuts to her arm.
Her daughter, VIRGINIA, bruised and shaken up.
MRS. HARRY HANSEL, 56, of 216 Beech Street South, Oxford, Ohio, back injury.
FRANCIS TECK, 37, of 814 West Grand Avenue, Duquesne, Pa.
C. T. SHEA, 24, of 94 Maple Street, Florence, Mass.
LEE JOHNSON, Route 1, Philadelphia, Miss.
ALFRED FURNARY, 32, of 3245 Washington Street, Bellaire, Ohio.
PAT BRUMFIELD, 29, of 129 East Third Street, Newport, Ky.
PFC. JESSE DEVON, 18, of 140 North Central Avenue, Cannonsburg, Pa., who was en-route to Fort Mead, Md., for discharge.
BETTY CLOWNER, 23, of 1814 Harpster Street, North Side, Pittsburgh, back injuries.
PVT. PETER BLASKOVITCH, 18, of Rt. 1, Collier, W. Va., stationed at Fort Benning, Ga.
CORP. CHARLES W. METZ, 27, of 109 Baker Avenue, Moundsville, W. Va., stationed at Wright Field, Dayton.
Two small sons of MRS. JOE WRIGHT escaped injury, as did MICHAEL HILLMAN, son of HERMAN HILLMAN.
Those who escaped injury, and were not brought to the hospital here, included:
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hogan of Vallejo, Calif.
Mrs. Billie Teck, Duquesne, Pa.
Ed Braun and William Valentine of Dearborn, Mich.
Archie Merrill, Jr., Columbus.
and Earl Woods, Dayton.
Another bus took them eastward late this morning.
It was considered likely this afternoon that all except three of the injured would be dismissed from the hospital late today.
The Greyhound company was expected to provide another bus to take them to their destinations.
Those who are too serious to leave the hospital are HILLMAN, CLEMENTS and SCARBOR.
The driver refused to talk.
Les Johnson of Philadelphia, Miss., a passenger who occupied a seat directly behind the driver, said:
"We were riding along at a fair clip when the back end started to sway, like a tire had blown out, although I don't think that occurred. Then things happened so fast I don't know what occurred."
"The noise of women screaming and falling baggage was terrific but their was no panic. The driver broke out half of the windshield and most of the passengers crawled out. Some had to be assisted, however."
Some of the passengers were injured by falling baggage and others were hurt when thrown into a baggage rack as the bus turned over.
The highway where the accident occurred is of black top and rather rough. It is also narrow, being only wide enough for two cars.
Four of the most seriously injured were removed to the hospital in the Mock ambulance of New Concord while the other injured were brought to Zanesville by passing motorists.
The eight passengers who escaped injury were taken to the Muskingum House at New Concord.
The bus was the second section of a trip en-route from Columbus to Pittsburgh.

Zanesville Signal Ohio 1946-05-11