Cleveland, OH Elevated Train Wreck, Nov 1895

Every one of the passengers that were in the car when it went down, except one was drowned.

Thirteen bodies were taken from the river, and one man, who was in an unconscious condition.

Altogether four bodies have been identified. They are those of HENRY W. MECKLENBURG, a tailor residing at 58 Mary street, MATTHEW CALLAHAN, who lived on Hamilton street; MRS. SAUERHEIMER, of Professor street, and her sister-in-law, MRS. MARTHA SAUERHEIMER. The man in the hospital is PATRICK LOONEY, of Lyman street. He recovered consciousness shortly before midnight, but is in a critical condition.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 17 Nov 1895



Cleveland, O., Sunday, Nov. 17.-Up to 2 o'clock this morning seven bodies had been identified. They are:

BESSIE DAVIS, aged 21, a school teacher, lived on Noyes street.

JAMES MCLAUGHLIN, aged 35, 77 Trowbridge avenue.

HARRY W. FOSTER, aged 21, clerk, 51 Mentor avenue.

MATTHEW CALLAHAN, lived on Hamilton street.

MRS. SAUERHEIMER, lived on Professor street.

MRS. MARTHA SAUERHEIMER, 154 Merchant avenue.

HENRY W. MECKLENBURG, tailor, 58 Mary street.

The Kansas City Star, Kansas City, MO 17 Nov 1895



More Bodies Recovered From the Electric Car That Plunged Into the River.


Terrible and Dramatic Scenes Attend the Work of Recovering the Bodies.


The Man Who Ran the Car Tells of the Diaster and Expresses Bitter Sorrow.

CLEVELAND, O., Nov. 17.-The people of this city stood appalled today when they realized the full horror of the terrible accident which occurred last evening on the big Central Viaduct. It was the worst accident that had ever happened in this city, and the story of how the electric motor car, loaded with men, women and children, had plunged through the open draw straight down a hundred feet into the river was told over and over again. Thousands of people remained by the river bank all night, and thousands more were there all to-day watching the work of recovering the bodies.

The first reports of the diaster have been verified in nearly every particular, with the possible exception of the number of victims, which is a trifle smaller than was at first supposed. Fifteen bodies have been recovered, and two persons are missing. Thirteen bodies were found last night and two more to-day.

But Two Bodies Missing.

The diver succeeded this evening in fastening a chain to the trucks of the car and they were raised from the river. The bed of the stream was then dragged, but no more bodies were found. Two persons are still missing, however, and it is probable that their bodies have floated down the river. They are those of MISS SAUERHEINER, who was thought to have been wedged ________ han. The search was given up tonight.

Arrangements have been made for the funerals of the victims, nearly all of which will occur on Tuesday.

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