Hamilton, OH Fire Destroys Large Portion Of City, Apr 1882


Cincinnati, April 9. -- A great fire is now (11:15 P. M.) raging at Hamilton, 26 miles north of here. Three fire-engines have been sent there from this city. A message just received by telephone says that the fire started at 10:30 o'clock to-night in the City Building, on High street, near the entrance to the bridge over the Great Miami River. It has already consumed the City Building and several livery stables, and, under a high wind, has got beyond the control of the Fire Department. The flames are now spreading in the direction of the Presbyterian and Baptist Churches, the county jail, and the Post Office. The greatest consternation prevails among the citizens.
At midnight the following patriculars were learned by telephone from Hamilton: The fire started in a livery stable on Front street owned by WILLIAM JELLISON. The wind was blowing south. The large HALL Agricultural Works were burned, including a number of steam engines owned by Nashville parties. The fire crossed the street and the livery stable next to the Phillips House was destroyed. The wind shifting to the West, the O'BRIEN Wheel Works and BLACK & CLAUDON'S warehouse, a large new building, were burned. The fire, crossing back to the other side of the street destsroyed the City Buildings, owned by PETER BLACK, and on which there was $8,000 insurance. The Police records of the city were nearly all saved. The loss is estimated at $40,000.

The New York Times New York 1882-04-10