Chardon, OH Train Wreck, Aug 1906


Eight Injured and a Dozen Others Nearly Drowned in Foul Water South of Cleveland, O.

Cleveland, O., Aug 12.-A car containing 50 persons on the Cleveland & Eastern Traction Line jumped the track to-night, eight miles southwest of Chardon, O., injuring eight and nearly drowning a dozen others in a large stagnant pool into which the car plunged. The car was headed towards this city, going at a moderate speed, but the accident happened so quickly that none of the passengers ralized what had happened until they were immersed in the foul water. Not a passenger escaped a wetting and a wild panic prevailed. The passeners (sic) and crew of a car following close behind went quickly to the rescue and saved a dozen or more from death. The escape of some of those imprisoned in the submerged car was thrilling. HENRY HOFFLER, living in Chardon, the conductor of the car, received serious internal injuries and may die. The injuries to the others consisted largely of cuts and bruises, some of them of a serious nature.

Charlotte Daily Observer, Charlotte, NC 13 Aug 1906