Toboso, OH Train - Automobile Wreck, Apr 1959


Members Of Family See Pushed Car

Father Injured On Relocated Tracks; Condition Critical

A 31 year old Toboso area man remained in critical condition late Monday morning in Zanesville Good Samaritan Hospital with a severe head injury received early Saturday afternoon when his auto was struck by a train near his home.

Albert James Scott was injured in the accident at 12:42 p.m. in which his son, Kenneth James Scott, 9, was killed instantly.

The car was struck broadside by a 32 car diesel-powered Baltimore and Ohio freight and cared more than one-half mile east from a crossing within sight of the Scott home on Township Rd. 408 in Muskingum County.

On Relocated Tracks

The crossing is on the tracks relocated for the Dillon Dam and is a quarter-mile from the Licking County line.

Scott's car was caught firmly on the front of the locomotive and its left rear wheel dug a furrow in the cinders for the entire half mile.

Sheriff's deputies Clarence Miller and William Belter arrived on the scene simultaneously and attempted to find a way to reach the smashed car.

Miller hurried on foot along the track and Belter drove along the roadbed of the discontinued track to reach the spot. He then returned to direct an Egan ambulance to the victims.

Miller, the ambulance driver and a member of the train crew freed the father from the wreckage and the deputy accompanied him on the trip to Newark Hospital.

Witnessed Accident

Scott's wife, Ruth saw the accident when a daughter called her attention to "a train pushing a car down the tracks."

She was not immediately aware that it was her husband and son and had to be restrained from rushing to the scene when she learned their identity.

Mrs. Scott was taken to Newark Hospital by a Toboso resident and arrived soon after the ambulance. It was then that Deputy Miller learned that the accident occurred in Muskingum County. The wife had her husband moved to Zanesville's Good Samaritan Hospital.

A Householder ambulance had already been summoned and was removing the boys body when the Muskingum County sheriff was notified.

Employed in Newark

Scott had worked Saturday morning at Scioto Provision Co., Daniel Ave., where he had been employed for the past 2½ years and had purchased groceries here before going home. He picked the boy up en route.

A sack of potatoes was jammed between the seats of the car and the other groceries scattered about the vehicle.

Scott had rounded a hill through which the new track had been cut and could not see the train until he was within 100 feet of the track. The crossing has no flasher signal.

Trace Skid Marks

J. V. Ciroh, 44 North Ave fireman of the train told deputies the car skidded and looked as if it had just come to a stop before being struck. A member of the crew later pointed out skid marks on the loose gravel by the auto.

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