Bedford, OH Interurban Railway Bridge Collapse, Jan 1896


Two Trainmen Killed and Another Fatally Hurt Near Cleveland.

Cleveland, Jan. 9. -- The Akron, Bedford and Cleveland Interurban Railway Company's bridge, which spanned Tinker's Creek, just southeast of Bedford Township, collapsed shortly after daylight this morning, and a powerful 100-horse-power motor, on which were three trainmen, and attached to which was a heavily laden Pennsylvania Company coal car, plunged to the bed of the creek, sixty feet below. Two of the three men were killed, and the other fatally injured.
The dead:
HAYMAKER, LYMAN, taken up unconscious and died in the power house.
YOUNG, WILLIAM, crushed under the car.
The fatally injured:
Fortunately, there were no passengers on the train, the regular passenger car having passed over the bridge a few moments before the structure collapsed. The train that took the frightful plunge was a work train. Its weight was tremendous as compared with the ordinary motor, for which the bridge was not designed. The bridge that collapsed was a frail trestle structure.
The span that crossed the creek was about 175 feet long, and the train was just about in the centre of this span when the structure opened up as though it were made of cardboard and allowed the train to plunge into the ravine below.

The New York Times New York 1896-01-10