Toledo, OH Fire, Aug 1907



Plant of the Moreton Truck and Storage Co. is Consumed Newspaper

Offices Were Threatened

Toledo, Aug. 26. Fire of unknown origin which started in the upper stories of the Moreton Truck and Storage Co.’s building, a four-story brick building at 232-236 Huron Street, between Madison and Jefferson Avenues, caused a loss last night estimated at about $150,000 to $200,000. The building was occupied by the International Harvesting Co., Dooley’s restaurant and some other small concerns, and also some used as a storehouse for the Moreton Co. The fire, which was discovered, shorted after 8 o’clock, made rapid progress and the building occupied by the Toledo club, one of the finest clubs in the city, as well as the newspaper offices of the News-Bee and the Times, were filled with smoke, and threatened with destruction. Shortly after the arrival of the firemen, the north wall of the building collapsed and for a time it was feared that several firemen had been caught under it. The men had been working on the north side of the building when the falling wall started to the ground and all the men ran for shelter, escaping miraculously. About 9 o’clock, the firemen succeeded in checking the spread of the flames. Firemen fought heroically from the adjoining buildings and the horses, which were on the lower floor, were removed. People gathered in large numbers around the burning building for blocks, and only the heavy force of policemen prevented them from interfering with the work of the firemen.

Evening Telegram, Elyria, OH 26 Aug 1907