Akron, OH Rescue from Train Accident, Jul 1877

Within Two Feet of Death.

Spectators at the depot this morning witnessed a very exciting incident, just as the A. & G. W. train, No. 12, which goes east, came in. Mrs. A. Ben Camp, of Warren, accompanied by a friend, whom she had been visiting, was walking between the two roads at the A. & G. W. freight depot, as the train came, at a high rate of speed, around the bend. When the engine was within ten feet of the lady, she attempted to cross in front of it, to the surprise and horror of all who witnessed the act, for the train was moving so fast that it seemed certain the lady could by no possible means escape being struck. As she stood for a moment on the track, Mr. H. C. Viele, who was on the platform of the freight house, reached down and jerked her off her feet to a place of safety beside him. It all transpired seemingly in an instant, and but for Mr. V's promptness and strength, the lady would have been killed, the locomotive being within two feet of her when she was seized by her rescuer.

The Summit County Beacon, Akron, OH 11 Jul 1877