Bellevue, OH Train Wreck, Feb 1890


Result of a Railroad Wreck Caused by Carelessness, at Bellevue, Ohio.

CLEVELAND, Feb. 13.---The Lake Shore accommodation train from the west, due here at 9:40 ran into an open switch at Bellevue, Ohio, this evening and a serious wreck was the result. A light engine had backed on the siding to allow the express train to pass, but the brakeman failed to close the switch. The passenger train was running thirty miles an hour when it struck the switch, and there was no time to avert a collision. The engine of the passenger train crashed into the standing locomotive and both were demolished. The victims are:

Fireman YOUNG, of the light engine, instantly killed.
Engineer PHELPS, of the passenger train, both legs broken and hurt internally.
Lady Named WOOSTER, several ribs broken but not fatally hurt.
Conductor HOYT, of the passenger, scalp wound and badly bruised.

The loss to the company will be heavy. The accident was caused by negligence.

The Chicago Herald, Chicago, IL 14 Feb 1890