Black River, OH Drowning, Jun 1872

Further Particulars Of The Death Of Andrew Funk.---The remains of young Andrew Funk arrived here yesterday noon, and were immediately transferred to the residence of Mr. M. A. McDonald. It appears that in returning with his companion, James McCraig, from the hunting expedition last Saturday, they were overtaken by a storm, and put up at a house near the mouth of Black river all night. On Sunday morning they constructed a raft, for the purpose of crossing the river. When they reached the middle of the stream, the raft went to pieces, leaving both the youths standing on a log. McCraig immediately jumped into the river, expecting that Andrew would stick to the log, but he also jumped in, and being unable to swim supported himself as best he could. On McCraig reaching the shore, Andrew cried out for help, and said he was drowning. His companion immediately jumped into the water again and swam to his assistance. McCraig succeeded in bringing him within about ten feet of the shore, but being unable to hold out any longer, was compelled to return alone. He found a boat near by and went a second time to the rescue of his companion, and reached him just as he was sinking for the third time. Upon trying to grasp the drowning youth, McCraig found his coat buttoned so tight that he could not catch hold of him, and young Andrew Funk sank out of his sight. Assistance was procured as soon as possible, and the body was recovered in about ten minutes by means of an extemporized grappling pole. Every effort was made to reanimate the body, but without success. The remains were conveyed to Oberlin College by Professor Cross during the afternoon. Mrs. Cross and the ladies of the institution dressed the body, and the students, who number about 1,300, showed their grief by strewing the remains and the apartment with flowers. The funeral will take place this morning at half-past ten, from the residence of Mr. McDonald, and services with be held in the Methodist Church at eleven o'clock.

It is especially requested that the members of the Sunday School be present at the services of the church, for which purpose they will be excused from attendance at the public school, without any loss of standing in their classes.

Titusville Morning Herald, Titusville, Pa 5 Jun 1872