Leesburg, OH Train Wreck, Sept 1902


Baltimore and Ohio Express Ran Into An Open Switch at Leesburg, Ohio.

CHILLICOTHE, Ohio, Sept. 19.---The Eastbound express No. 2, with eight cars, on the Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern Railroad was wrecked last night by running into an open switch at Leesburg, 33 miles from here, two persons being killed and two seriously and forty slightly injured.

After running into the open switch the train bumped into the rear end of a freight train standing on the siding.

The engine was dashed to pieces and turned over on its side, killing the engineer and fireman. The baggage car was lifted from the trucks and thrown over the tender and engine. The smoker was lifted from the truck but remained in an upright position. The next car, known as the ladies' car, was turned upside down. The injured and wounded were brought to this city. The dead are Phillip Roe, engineer, of Chillicothe, and Charles Studor, fireman, also of Chillicothe. The seriously injured are E. L. Stuck, mail clerk, of Loveland, Ohio, and Mrs. Sellars of Wellston, Ohio.

The New York Times, New York, NY 20 Sept 1902