Norwick, OH Oil Cars Explode in Train Wreck, Sept 1903


Column of Flame Fifty Feet High Still Rising from Train at Norwich, Ohio.

ZANESVILLE, Ohio, Sept. 23.---In a freight wreck at Norwich, on the Baltimore and Ohio, fifteen miles east of here to-day, two oil tank cars collided and exploded. There was a terrific report, and a sheet of flame rose 100 feet into the air and spread on all sides. Four houses at the side of the track caught fire and were consumed in a few minutes. The occupants had narrow escapes and lost everything.

All trains are detoured over the Pan Handle around the wreck. Wreckers cannot work on the burning cars, and must wait for the fire to burn itself out.

At a late hour to-night a column of flame fifty feet high was shooting upward from the manhole of one of the wrecked oil cars. The loss is not heavy.

The New York Times, New York, NY 24 Sept 1903