Hamilton, OH Train - Automobile Wreck, Aug 1924


HAMILTON – (By Associated Press) – The bodies of five persons were in a local morgue today the grim reminder of a railroad crossing accident here yesterday which snuffed out their lives when a Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Western passenger train struck the automobile in which they were riding. The bodies were awaiting final disposition by relatives who were expected here today to complete arrangements for their funeral.

The dead are
MR. AND MRS. ROY FAWNES, both 20 years old; LELIA FAWNES, 15, sister; J. F. JOHNSON, 35; and his daughter, DOLORES, 11.
The accident happened as the party was enroute to New Sastle (May be Castle – Transcriber) Ind., where the FAWNES were to make their home. They had been married last Friday in Hillsboro, Ky., and had left Saturday afternoon for the Indiana town where FAWNES lived with his parents.

The crossing is on a knoll and according to the engineer of the train, the automobile was speeding to beat the train when the engine struck it. Almost instantly, according to witnesses, the gasoline tank exploded and set fire to the wreckage.

The train crew and motorists attracted to the scene by the deafening impact, made attempts to extricate the bodies from the machine. They pulled MRS. FAWNES from the wreckage when she showed signs of life but the body was so severely burned that it was only a question of how long she would have to suffer untold agonies because of the burns. The other members of the party all were dead when picked up.

The Lima News Ohio 1924-08-11