Springfield, OH Bridge Collapse at Baptism, Apr 1890


A Bridge Falls and Carries Many Spectators With It.

A terrible accident occurred at 1 o'clock in the afternoon at Springfield, Ohio, during the baptizing ceremony in Buck Creek of the Third Baptist Church, colored. The fair weather had brought out about two thousand people, mostly whites, to witness the immersions. The banks were lined and an adjacent bridge was crowded.

Elder GREEN had just emerged from the water, after having fixed his stake, when a part of the Limestone street bridge went down with a crash, carrying with it one of the foot bridges over a mill race.

The following named were fatally injured: MRS. MARGARET FLANNERY, aged 70; ANDREW LEHMAN, aged 65; MR. CHARLES MYERS and son, OLLIE, aged 6 years. All of these had broken bones and internal injuries. HORACE, son of General KELTER, had an arm broken in two places. Over fifty others received injuries ranging from severe bruises to broken bones.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1890-04-25