Chicago Junction, OH Ground Fires, Oct 1897


2,000 Acres Burned Over Near Chicago Junction.

CHICAGO JUNCTION, Ohio, Oct. 2.---One of the most disastrous fires in the history of this section of the country is now prevailing in the New Haven Marsh, one and a half miles south of this place. The ground is covered with dry weeds and rotten vegetation, and is easily ignited. The fire, which was caused by the burning of a brush heap by a farmer, has been going for nearly a week. To-day 2,000 acres of the tract of 6,000 acres is a smoking mass. Two houses have been burned and nearly a dozen more are in danger.

All the inhabitants are prepared to move within short notice, as the fire is burning everything in its path. The Hollanders' celery gardens are in close proximity, and great fear is being entertained by them, as they have nearly all of their late crop of celery to harvest. Several large fields of corn, potatoes, and cabbage belonging to them, have already been burned.

The New York Times, New York, NY 3 Oct 1897