Dayton, OH Tornado Damages Buildings, July 1854


On Saturday a heavy storm of wind and rain passed over Dayton, doing considerable damage in the way of destroying awnings, tearing off window shutters, ripping up shingles and overthrowing chimneys. But the principal item of destruction of property was the reprostration of the GORMAN building, and the partial recrushing of the Methodist Church. This GORMAN building, it will be remembered, fell down sometime ago, killing two persons, wounding several others and smashing the church alongside. It was being rebuilt and was nearly finished, when yesterday the storm tumbled it into a mass of ruins. Very fortunately, none were injured by the catastrophe of Saturday.
The church was much damaged. It was just repaired from the effects of the former calamity, and religious service was to have been held in it yesterday. At the moment of the crash, a painter was putting on the "finishing touches" inside the church, and barely managed to escape the mass of brucks which thundered through the roof, and covered the floor with rubbish to the depth of several feet.
During the storm a man named PERINE, while sheltering himself under a tree near the river below town where he had been fishing, was instantly killed by a flash of lightning.
A few miles this side of Dayton, a "streak of wind" completely prostrated the corn-fields in its course, and, being followed by a heavy fall of rain, the corn was almost buried. -- Cincinnati Commercial.

The New York Times New York 1854-07-12