Amherst, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1916 - Dead & Injured

Toll of Wreck

D. Fruchtman, 92 Girard-st, Toronto, Canada
B. C. Ash, Cleveland, colored porter on Twentieth Century limited
Argard Helta [Helty?], manager of the Hungarian Theatrical company, Cleveland
Malcinca Bennor, Indiana Harbor, Ind
Rasin Obbah, Indianapolis

These persons killed in the Amherst wreck were identified at Bakers' undertaking rooms, Amherst
Dora Roseberg, 51 Agnes st, Toronto
J. H. Hearn, Gallipolis, Ohio.
George Ojonta, Indianapolis, Ind
W. Easton, 1209 Airdon st, East Philadelphia
Rev Gus Lar Waalyi, First Hungarian Evangelical church, 52 Thaddeus st, Detroit, Mich
Mrs. George Prymurer, Cleveland, died in hospital
Charles Nelson, 30 Indianapolis
Edward Leroy, St. Louis
Bruce Brownlee, address unknown.

The following persons were at Memorial hospital, Elyria
S H Don Haverhill, Mass, left leg and face hurt
John Kosmoch, 35, Homestead, Pa, leg broken
Robert Wright, Interial, Pa, back and head hurt
Louis Laskobica, 3370 E. 37th st, Cleveland, head and face cut
R D Turner Clark-st, Elyria, fireman on second section of train No. 86, arm hurt
H. Gromace, 733 N. Aborn-st, Chicago, marine engineer on the steamer Robert Benson bruised and cut about the body and legs
W. A. Mann, 710 Brighton av. Toledo face burned, right arm hurt and back sprained
G. Wesselt [Wesseh?]. 1238 Jacgson bvd, Chicago, arms and legs hurt
Ollie Osman bruised and hurt internally probably fatally
S H Bishop 1537 W 63rd st, Chicago fireman legs hurt
Three women were also at the hospital but hospital authorities had not learned their names.
Lew Lofkovitz, Cleveland
Jacob Joseph, Detroit
Wilbur Mahoney, 1830 Fifth st, Toledo
Alfred Tarea, Detroit
Albert Keller Chicago
An unidentified woman with her leg cut off with the initials "J W H" on her watch
Two other unidentified women
Four men their first names not known, they are
____ Prymmer
____ Kubie
____ Casmer
____ Patterson
Adolph Lawrence [?] Youngstown, Ohio leg bruised
Alfred Porea Detroit injuries to leg and body
George Prymmer, Cleveland, bruised
Albert Keller, Chicago, injuries to body.
C. D. Bell, Owosso, Mich, sprained ankle
S. F. Briggs, Milwaukee.
W. C. Bradly, Pittsburgh, heel cut
J. B. Andrews, Danville, Ills, slight bruises
Milton O. Cross, Detroit, bruised.
B. F. Cameron, New Haven, Conn, bruised
Aaron Deroy, Pittsburgh, back bruised
F. C. Geraghty, Cleveland, injuries unknown
Charles Gregg, Imperial, Pa., leg hurt
L. A. Griffin, Elkhart, Ind., bruised and shock
H. D. Heman, Cleveland
Willis E. Holloway, Chicago, shock.
L. Kukie, Midland, Pa., shocked
D. J. McCormack, Cleveland, finger cut.
D. D. Peabody, New Orleans, neck sprained.
L. A. Winer, Chicago sprained foot.
W. H. Voltz, New Haven, Conn., injuries to knees and back.
Robert Wright, Imperial, Pa., back hurt
F. H. Bishop, Chicago, fireman, legs hurt.

Cleveland, March 29. -- Physicians reported Mrs. Mary Maiston, Indianapolis, Indiana, one of the passengers who escaped unharmed, in the Amherst wreck, gave birth to a child in one of the day coaches immediately after the wreck.

Sandusky Star Journal, Sandusky, OH 29 Mar 1916



Any hopes that her husband might be among the living were shattered Thursday morning when Mrs. J. M. Grau, Jerry City, Ohio, Wednesday night guest at the home of Mrs. George E. Reiter, W. Market-st, received word that Dr. J. M. Grau was among the number of identified dead of the Amherst catastrophe. Dr. Grau, 51, was on his way to Cleveland aboard the first section of the train, No 86, to visit his brother Frederick. Identification was made by the dead man's son, Howard, who was with Attorney George E. Reiter, left Sandusky Wednesday evening on the train arriving here at 8:52.....

The stories of Herman Hess, engineer of the second section of No. 86 which crashed into the first section, and A. H. Ernst, towerman, were expected to be the most important to be told at tomorrow's hearing.....

Sandusky Star Journal, Sandusky, OH 30 Mar 1916