Amherst, OH Train Wreck, Mar 1916 - Engineer Dismissed


Towerman and Flagman Retained After Amherst Disaster

CLEVELAND, O., April 2.---Engineer Herman Hess had been dismissed by the New York Central Railroad, it as learned today, as a result of the wreck Wednesday at Amherst. he is held responsible for the disaster by the railroad. Towerman Albert Ernst, one of the chief witnesses at the Federal and State inquiry into the accident, will be retained, as will Flagman Perry Beach, exonerated by General Superintendent A. S. Ingalls from the charge that he did not properly flag Hess' train.

The investigation of the Amherst horror will be continued tomorrow, when signal experts for the Interstate Commerce Commission and the State Public Utilities Commission will go to the wreck scene and begin a thorough test of the entire signal system involved in the disaster.

Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 3 Apr 1916