Cleveland, OH Train Wreck, Apr 1902


Three Others Hurt in Railroad Accident at Cleveland.

By Publishers’ Press Direct Wire.
Cleveland, O., April 9 – Two men were killed and three injured in a wreck on the Big Four Railroad in the suburbs last night. The wreck was caused by a bad washout.
The Big Four fast mail No. 2 from Indianapolis passed the bridge at 9 30 o’clock. It was dark and the rain fell in torrents, making it impossible for the engineer and firemen to see further than 10 feet ahead. A sinking of the train was felt by the employes (sic) in the mail and baggage cars and simultaneously there was a crash
The engine and three cars were hurled into a gully, the engine tearing loose from the next car and turning over, killing fireman E. J. MCNALLY and engineer JAMES MCGRATH.
The injured are Conductor Murphy, ankle sprained; Mail Clerk Edmunds, both legs badly injured, Baggage Master Ca__, right leg injured.

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 9 Apr 1902