Greenville, OH Area Tornado, Mar 1920

Death List May Be Long.
(By United Press.)

CLEVELAND, Mar. 29. - Between 15 and 25 dead and 200 injured was the estimate placed early today on the toll exacted by a terrific storm which swept the western edge of Ohio yesterday afternoon and late into the night. Several small villages were reported in ruins.

Relief parties were today working in the ruins of Greenville and Union City, near Dayton, and others were engaged in hunting the debris of Nashville for dead and injured. This village was reported practically leveled. The tornado cut a swath about a half-mile wide and six miles long.

Three Dead at Bashville.

(By United Press.)
DAYTON, Ohio, March 29. - Indications here early today were that at least three persons were killed and twenty hurt at Bashville in the tornado which swept this section yesterday. Wires are down and communication with the stricken area is almost impossible.

Scores of houses were demolished in this district.

Relief parties were on the way to the stricken area.

The dead are:
WILLIAM MOTE, Greenville; MRS. JOHN OLWINE, Greenville.
The infant son of Omaar Heck, Greenville, was killed.
A sixty mile wind hit Dayton, but caused practically no damage.

The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Fort Wayne IN 29 Mar 1920


(By United Press.)

UNION CITY, Ind., March 29. - One fatality resulted from the tornado at Union City, Miss JENNIE DENNISON, age 50, a school teacher, home on vacation, was killed when the home of her sister, Miss Belle Dennison was demolished. The sister was injured. Russell Fields, another resident was seriously injured.

The tornado stated to take its toll half a mile west of here and swept a greater part of the little village of New Western away.

Three casualties are reported from Coaltown another village near Union City. The names of the killed were now known late this morning.

The Fort Wayne News and Sentinel, Fort Wayne IN 29 Mar 1920