Green Springs, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1891

Fremont Ohio Demecratic Messenger 1-15-1891

A terrible accident occurred Tuesday evening about seven o'clock, four miles east of this city, at a place know as Green Creek crossing, where the Lake Shore and Michigan Southern railroad crosses the creek by that name. Along the creek is a wagon road and while returing to their homes on this road and while returning to their homes on this road four men were hurled into eternity.
Their names were Charles Ream, Milton Gilmore, Rube Babcock, and Grant Fleming, all of the vicinity of Green Springs, OH.
They had been in this city during the afternoon and towards evening started home on a bob sled drawn by a team of horses owned by Daniel Ream. As they neared the railroad, heedless of the approaching express train, they attempted to cross the track. Instead, the engine struck the rig and men, sled and horses were hurled in all directions.
The train was stopped, and then a sickening sight was revealed. Two men were found on the south side of the track and two on the north side, while both horses were killed. Two of the men were killed outright and the other two were in a unconcious condition and died within an hour. The bodies were placed on the train which backed to Clyde with them.
Fleming was thrity years old and leaves a wife and two small children with no support. gilmore was forty-six, Ream nineteen and Babcock seventeen years old and all were unmarried.
There are many theories advanced as to the cause of the accident, a very plausable one of which is that whisky played an important part in the affair.