Washington Court House, OH Fire, Dec 1911


Fire Sweeps Through Washington Courthouse, Wiping Out a Solid City Block.

COLUMBUS, O., Dec. 30. - Washington Courthouse, Ohio, is being swept by a fire, which threatens to destroy a large part of the city.

Fire apparatus has been asked for from this city and Wilmington, and it is said several business blocks are doomed.

It is said the total loss will be near two million dollars.

An entire block has been wiped out and the fire has crossed the street to adjacent property.

The Macon Daily Telegraph, Macon, GA, 31 Dec 1911



Business District of Washington Courthouse Prey to Flames That Defy Efforts to Check Them.

[By Morning Journal Special Leased Wire.]

Washington Courthouse, O., Dec. 30. - Fire which originated in the basement of a department store, wiped out a large portion of the business district of this city tonight and at a late hour was still raging unchecked. The total loss shortly before midnight was placed in the neighborhood of $2,000,000, with prospects that it would go above that figure.

Special trains from Columbus and Wilmington brought fire companies, and apparatus in response to appeals from this city. Prior to the arrival of out of town aid the entire city business district seemed doomed.

The buildings so far destroyed are The Masonic Temple, Stutson's department store, the Imperial hotel, Fayette Hardware and Furniture company, Dahl Milliken Wholesale company, [sic] Hardware company and the offices of the Hamm Fertilizer company.

After destroying all the buildings in the block in which it originated, the flames leaped across the street and at midnight the fire fighters were working desperately to save property in that block and to prevent extension of the fire zone.

Three residences, the mayor's office and several small business houses in the block adjoining the scene of the origin of the fire had also been destroyed at midnight, but it was believed that the further spread of the conflagration could be prevented.

James Palmer, a volunteer fireman, fell from a building and sustained probably fatal injuries. Two employes of a department store were also seriously injured.

The Albuquerque Morning Journal, Albuquerque, NM, 31 Dec 1911