Cincinnati, OH Fatal Wagon Accident, Aug 1880

Fatally Injured by a Runaway.

About half past 1 o'clock yesterday morning, as Fred. Meyer and wife, residing at 115 Oliver street, Mrs. Schulling, residing at 45 Fourteenth street, Mary Brown, residing at the corner of Liberty and Linn streets, and Michael Weisbrodt, residing on Central avenue near Baymiller street, were riding to the city from Cumminsville, Weisbrodt driving, when passing the corner of Western avenue and York alley, a wheel broke off the spring wagon in which they were riding, frightening the horse, which ran away, throwing out all the occupants and severely if not fatally injuring Meyer and his wife. Mrs. Brown had a leg broken and the other ladies escaped with a few bruises. All of the party were taken home by the police, though Meyer was afterward removed to the hospital. He was in a very precarious condition last night, and the surgeons could not determine the extent of his injuries.

Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH 18 Aug 1880