Carey, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1912


Two Cars of Detroit-Cincinnati Train Ditched in Ohio.

Toledo, O., Jan. 14.--- Fifty passengers on Big Four train No.1 from Detroit to
Cincinnati are reported to have been hurt in a wreck which occured early this
afternoon four miles south of Carey, O. Two of the day coaches left the track
because of spreading rails. These two cars went into a ditch alongside the track.
Physicians from Carey were hurried to the scene of the wreck and many of
the injured were taken to a hospital in Kenton. Several of those hurt, but not
seriously, were cared for by the residents of Carey.

It is understood that none of the passengers was hurt fatally.

Among the injured are Miss Pearl Stoner, New Albany, Ind., back sprained, internal injuries; Maurice W. Taylor, Union City, Ind., head bruised; Joseph Orne, Indianapolis, head and body bruised.

The Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, IN 15 Jan 1912



Two Coaches of Big Four Train Ditched Near Carey, Ohio.


Diner Catches Fire, Causing Panic Among the Passengers.

Farmers Take Injured Into Their Homes Until They Can Be Removed to Hospital---Ladders Used in Rescuing Women and Children From Derailed Cars---Train Making Forty Miles an Hour at Time of Crash.

Kenton, Ohio Jan 14--- About 50 persons were injured this afternoon when Big Four passenger train No. 1 from Detroit, was wrecked near Carey Ohio a short distance from this city.

None of the injured was fatally hurt it is believed. An official list of 34 seriously injured has been given out.

Spreading rails due to the intense cold caused two of the coaches to leave the track and go into the ditch. The train was late and was speeding at a rate of about 40 miles an hour when the accident occured.

List of the Injured
The most seriously injured in the wreck are
Miss Pearl Stoner, Albany, Ind; sprained back, injured internally.
W. H. Haskins, Detroit.
J. W. Drake, Stone Creek, Conn; left leg bruised.
John Merritt, Louisville; leg cut.
G. A. Davis, Brooklyn, N.Y.; wrist cut.
S. Beatrice Storey, Boundbrook, N. J.; shoulder arm and head cut.
H. Binday, Toledo, Ohio; shoulder hurt.
Miss L. Corey, Toledo; cut arm.
M. Connell, Coldwater, Mich; face and arm bruised.
Elizabeth Connell, Coldwater, Mich; right shoulder injured.
J. W. Scharold, Dayton, Ky; hand cut and bruised.
Bert McKinley, Middleton, Ohio; bruised about the body.
R. W. Roy, Detroit; shoulder bruised.
John Marabook, residence not given.
E. C. Ray, Detroit; both legs cut.
C. E. Kelly, Ana Arbor, Mich; back and shoulder wretched.
S. Saugenderfer, Toledo; leg and back bruised.
Maurice Taylor, Union City, Ind; head bruised.
Robert Kautz, Coldwater, Mich; arm cut.
Joseph Orne, Indiana; head and body bruised.
C. W. Raymond, Bay City, Mich; back wrenched.
Charles H. Lockwood, Cincinnati; internally injured.
Mrs C. H. Lockwood, Cincinnati; left arm injured.
M. P. Hull, Diamonddale, Mich; back bruised.
G. G. Raymond, Bay City, Mich; contused ankle.
Mrs O. W. Heller, Ana Arbor; internally injured.
Lester Rothenberg, Dayton, Ohio; leg bruised.
Gus Sebar Kalamazoo; scalp wounded.
E. M. Brown, brakeman, Urbana Ohio; left leg badly torn.
William Caskey, conductor, Toledo; head and back cut.

Aid Women and Children
Many of the passengers suffering from cuts and bruises were unable to emerge from the overturned coaches before assistance arrived.

Passengers who first were taken out of the overturned cars assisted in extracating the woman and children. Ladders were procured and it was with difficulty that the rescuers were able to reach the inside of the coaches as many of the windows were
locked down.

The buffet car took fire and for a few minutes there was a panic among the passengers in it. All however were extracated and none of the coaches was demolished. The baggage car was thrown sideways across the track and the engine was also derailed.

Physicians Sent to Scene
Physicians from Carey were rushed to the scene of the wreck and they superintended the work of hurrying the more seriously injured to a hospital in this city. Others less seriously hurt are being cared for at Carey.

The train left Detroit at [illegible] and was due at Carey at 11.45 but did not reach there till shortly after 1 o'clock. The trains destination was Cincinnati.

Most of the passengers in the rear cars which were derailed were from Detroit and other points in Michigan.

William Haskins and wife of Detroit probably were the most seriously hurt. Mr Haskins did nor recover consciousness until shortly after 7 o'clock tonight.

Farm houses in the vicinity of the wreck were thrown open for the reception of the injured and many were cared for there until they were removed to other places.

The Washington Post, Washington, DC 15 Jan 1912