Glendale, OH Fire, Aug 1880


Rapid Work by Fire Marshal Bunker and the Fourteens.

A destructive fire occurred at Glendale late last night. The flames were not extinguished until late this morning. Shortly before 12 o'clock a message was sent to the city for aid. Fire Marshal Bunker received the dispatch and telephoned an order to the Fourteens to go to the Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton Depot and take the train. He went up with the firemen on a train consisting of an engine, tender, and two flat cars. In the meadwhile the people of Glendale had telegraphed to Hamilton also for assistance. The train conveying Marshal Bunker and his firemen arrived in Glendale, and thirty-five minutes after they started they were throwing water on the fire. Finding how things stood, Bunker telegraphed to Hamilton that no further assistance would be needed. The fire was found to be among the houses located on the west side of the railroad one square north of the depot. The grocery store located in the neighborhood was burned, and six dwelling houses, at an estimated loss of $15,000.

The promptness of Cincinnati firemen has won the admiration of the Glendale people, but if they had known that it took but twenty-minutes after the dispatch was received here for Bunker and his men to get their engine aboard the train ready for travel they would have had still greater admiration.

The Cincinnati Daily Gazette, Cincinnati, OH, 18 Aug 1880