Winton, OH Train Wreck, Jul 1883

A Whole Family Killed.

CINCINNATI, July 3. -- A fatal accident occurred to-day on the Cincinnati & Dayton railroad at Winton, a place of crossing near this city, at 9:15 to-night. Six persons were killed. The “Thunderbolt” express coming south on the New York, Pennsylvania & Ohio railway due here at 8:30 was half an hour late, and running fast. It struck a huckster wagon in which was a family of six persons besides the driver. Everyone except WILLIAM BERTSCH, the driver, was killed. BERTSCH escaped with serious injuries. The wagon was broken to splinters. The family was that of a huckster named HENRY KRACKE, going to their farm, seven miles out. The names of the killed are HENRY KRACKE, his wife and four children, JOHN, aged 10, ANNIE 16, MAGGIE 12, and LIZZIE 7.

The bodies of the victims were thrown in fragments by the roadside. MRS. KRACKE'S head was severed from her body. All the victims were horribly mutilated. The locomotive was so besmeared with blood that it was sprinkled with flour to cover the stains.

Davenport Weekly Gazette Iowa 1883-07-04