Delaware, OH Flood, Mar 1913


Reports Are Beginning to Come Through from Delaware.


Delaware, O., March 25.---Twelve persons are dead and fifteen are missing as a result of a cloudburst and flood in the Olentangy river early today.

Eight blocks along the Olentangy river are flooded, city hall corner being submerged under eight feet of water, and other sections of the city are suffering more or less. The river is twenty feet above its normal depth.

The dead are:

JAMES MELCHENOR, his wife and five of his six children.
An unidentified woman.
Two unidentified men.

Mayor B. V. Leas was reported drowned but is alive. He is marooned in the second floor of a building on the water front., and efforts are being made to rescue him. The water has been rising at the rate of a foot an hour since midnight. As the flood gathered force it tore houses loose and swept them away. Fifty houses were destroyed. Two hundred people were rendered homeless. The property loss will approximate a million dollars.

Reports indicate that nearly every bridge in the county has been swept away.

Fort Wayne Sentinel, Ft. Wayne, IN 25 Mar 1913