Dawn, OH Train Wreck, Jan 1910


Ditching of Knickerbocker Special on Big Four Due to Friends.

BELLEFONTAINE, O., Jan. 2.---That the wreck of the Big Four Knockerbocker special at Dawn station, near Ansonia, last night, was the work of train wreckers is the opinion of the railroad officials today. The lock on the open switch and the switchlamp, both of which had been removed, were found today in a corn field some distance away.

One Confesses.

UNION CITY, Ind., Jan. 2.---Vernon Plessinger, 18 years old, of Anderson, Ind., was arrested tonight, charged with having opened a switch and wrecking the Knickerbocker train on the Big Four railroad at Dawn, Ohio, last night.

Plessinger confessed, the police say, and gave as his motive that he wished to rob the passengers and go to some seaboard town where he could "join the navy."

The Idaho Daily Statesman, Boise, ID 3 Jan 1910