Forest, OH Train Wreck, Sept 1887

Collision, Fire, And Explosion.

Forest, Ohio, Sept. 19.-Special Telegram-Early this morning the second section of fright train No. 11, on the Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway ran into the rear of the first section, badly breaking up two locomotives and about ten cars loaded with freight. A dense fog prevailed at the time, and the accident occurred one mile west of this place. No person was hurt by the accident, but about five minutes afterward, when both trains had stopped, and the trainmen were examining the cars to ascertain what damage was done and what help would be needed to clear the track, a terrible explosion occurred, caused by dynamite in one of the cars.

EDWARD BOUGH, a fireman of one of the engines, was instantly killed, the body being thrown a distance of 100 feet, and horribly mangled. J.R. Lyon, an engineer, was badly cut, but not fatally, injured a few hours after; by a boy throwing a cartridge into the fire-box of the engine Lyon, of which Lyon was in charge. What caused the first explosion so long after the wreck will probably never be known. The explosion set fire to the wrecked cars, and burned ten of them before the flames could be subdued. The cars were loaded with coke and coal. The track was blocked ten hours and passenger trains were moved around the wreck by using other railroads. A large frame building a short distance from the track was completely demolished by the force of the explosion.

Daily Inter Ocean, Chicago, IL 20 Sept 1887