Galena, OH Post Office Fire, Apr 1947

Fire Destroys Town Postoffice

Galena, O- A two-story building housing this Delaware county community’s postoffice [sic], a barbershop and three apartments was destroyed by fire early today.
The mail and postal records were saved by Leo Jordan, clerk of the postoffice [sic], and four other townspeople. A temporary postoffice [sic] was set up in the town hall.

A restaurant and a house were damaged by the flames.

Unofficial estimates of the damage ranged from $20,000 to $35,000.

Volunteer firemen who formed a bucket brigade tried futilely to halt the flames with water from the town pump. This supply, however, was to meager, and when the Sunbury and Westerville fire departments arrived they set up a pump in Big Walnut creek.

The Zanesville Signal, Zanesville, OH 30 Apr 1947