Elyria, OH Fire, May 1896

Fire In Elyria, O., Wipes Out Several Business Houses.

Elyria, O., May 7. – A fire broke out in a barn back of Moysey’s livery stable, supposed to have been started by tramps. The building in the vicinity were all frame ones, and therefore the fire spread before water was thrown. It was the worst fire in 20 years.

The following were totally destroyed, together with the contents and several barns and shops located in the rear: William Steger’s saloon, J. Brady’s saloon, D. R. Moysey’s livery stable, a building occupied by a farm implement company, James Collins’ boot and shoe store, Gray Harris’ feed store, Lial Wait’s blacksmith shop and D. S. Wright, stoves and tinware. [sic]

The Salvation Army barracks were totally destroyed. Business houses were all closed in the neighborhood of the fire, many of the owners removing their goods to the street. The loss will reach $80,000.

Steubenville Daily Herald, Steubenville, OH 7 May 1896


After the Fire
I have secured a store room at 49 East Broad St. where I will be pleased to see all my patrons and friends, and where I have put on sale a new stock of Boots Shoes and Rubbers I will also offer all goods damaged by the late fire, AT COST to close them out. Call and see me Jas. Collins, 49 East Broad St., Elyria.

Lorain County Reporter, Elyria, OH 6 Jun 1896


Owing to the fire my business is suspended my expenses still go on YOU OWE ME I NEED THE MONEY Kindly call and settle D. S. Wright

Lorain County Reporter Elyria, Oh 6 June 1896



Fire. Fire. Fire.

$80 $80 $80


Complete with truck and bundle carrier.
As a result of our fire we are compelled to have more room and dispose of some of our goods regardless of cost, we have decided on the latter course, and we shall this week place on the market one car load of Binders with Trucks and Bundle Carriers at Eighty Dollars each CASH
Every machine as warranted to do as good work as any other Binder, or the money paid for it will be refunded.
We are also selling sections for any Binder of Mower, at 5c each with Rivets Spring Tooth for Sulky Hay Rakes and Spring Forks for any kind of Hay Todder, at greatly reduced prices.
We can also furnish repairs for any Binder or Mower made.
Bring in your orders now and save delay

The Farm Implement
39 East Broad St., Elyria, O.

Lorain County Reporter Elyria, Oh 6 Jun 1896


Elyria, OH Fire, May 1896

This happened where my family lives!