Cleveland, OH Koch & Henke Store Fire, May 1910


Causes Severe Injury to Three Men And a $350,000 Loss.

Cleveland, May 12.-One man was probably fatally injured and two others were severely hurt today when fire destroyed the four-story brick building and stock of Koch & Henke, furniture dealers, on Lorain street. The loss is estimated at $350,000. covered by insurance.

Four dwellings in the rear and a tailor shop at the side of the store also were destroyed. A rear wall fell and crushed two of the burning residences.

ROBERT BEHIKE and CHARLES MCSPADON, workmen, jumped from the third floor. BEHIKE may die from his injuries. MCSPADON was badly hurt, as also was Lieutenant SCHLEE, of one of the fire engine companies, who fell twenty feet.

Mansfield News, Mansfield, OH 12 May 1910




The four-story furniture house of Koch & Henke, W. 30th-st and Lorain-av, was threatened with total destruction by a fire which broke out in the basement of the building at 7:45 a. m., Thursday. At 9 a. m. practically all of the fire apparatus in the city was battling against the flames, which enveloped practically the entire building.

Thirty employes were in the building when the cry of fire was raised.

A number of the employes were caught in the smoke that quickly filled the fourth floor.

ROBT. BOHKLE, thirty, 3190 W 30th st, and MAX SPADDEN, thirty-five, Bedford, leaped from the fourth story to the street.

They were taken to Germon hospital in McGorray's ambulance. They were both expected to die.

HERMAN SLEE, a fireman from No. 20's house, was knocked off the roof of the building by a stream from the water tower. He fell 60 feet to the roof of a one-story house at 3104 Lorain-av., adjoining and lodged there.

He was only badly bruised. He refused to go to a hospital.

Varnish Explodes.

The fire started in an unknown manner on the third floor, near the elevator shaft. The shaft furnished a perfect draught for the flames, which soon reached the finishing rooms on the fourth floor.

Exploding varnish in the finishing rooms spread the flames. Burning brands fell down the elevator shaft and extended the fire to second floor and to the offices and display rooms on the first floor.

Evening Telegram, Elyria, OH 12 May 1910