Youngstown, OH Amusement Park Fire, Apr 1984

Idora Park Circa 1910 Idora Park circa 1920 Newspaper Photo of the Fire


Youngstown, Ohio -- A spark from a welder's torch started the fire Thursday that destroyed most of the 90-year-old Idora Park amusement center, including one of the top rated rollercoasters in the United States, fire officials said tonight.
Firefighters said the fire began as workers were preparing the amusement park for its May 5 opening. Co-owner PAT DUFFY spotted the blaze from an office window during his lunch hour.
DUFFY said he notified the fire department immediately but flames quickly engulfed the midway.
"The Wildcat," a 55-year-old wooden rollercoaster rated fifth best in the country by the Roller Coasters Enthusiasts of America, was destroyed, as were an arcade, office building and a rapids ride.
Idora owners said it would cost $1.5 million just to replace the Wildcat and they were uncertain if they would rebuild it or even reopen this year.

Syracuse Herald-Journal New York 1984-04-27