Bristow, OK Home Explosion, Sept 1930

Four Injured By Explosion

Blast Destroys Home of Family Near Bristow, Oklahoma.

BRISTOW, Ok., Sept. 2 (AP). - Two children were probably fatally injured and two other persons seriously hurt early Tuesday, in an explosion that destroyed the home of Ed Stevens, living on the Thompson lease between Slick and Bristow.

The injured are Edgar Stevens, 7, both legs broken and body crushed; Wanda Mae Stevens, 1, skull fractured; Mrs. Mannie Stevens, the mother, bruised and lacerated on the body and head; Mrs. Sally Mae Cumby, Dallas, sister of Mrs. Stevens, leg broken and lacerated.

Floyd Stevens, another of the children, was blown out of the house but was uninjured.

The explosion is believed to have resulted from accumulated gas under the house. The house and furnishings were demolished.

Stevens and his family had just returned from a vacation when the blast occurred. He was not in the building at the time of the explosion.

The Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 3 Sept 1930