Vinita, OK Train Wreck, Aug 1904


Texas Passengers Meet With Narrow Escape From Death

VINETA, I. T., August 4. – The Meteor, a fast passenger train on the St. Louis and San Francisco (the Frisco System) from Dallas for St. Louis, was derailed near here today. The engine, baggage car, mail car and two chair cars left the track.

The injured:
Mrs. James M. Drake, postmistress, Salina, Texas, arm broken, back wrenched, internally injured, may recover.
Seven-year-old son of W. R. Myser, Fort Worth, Texas, cut and bruised; skull probably fractured.
Ed Durham, Vineta, leg cut, three ribs broken.
Mrs. J. W. Philipps, Knoxville, Tenn., back wrenched.
Three-year-old son of Mrs. Philipps, seriously cut and bruised.
A. G. Leverite, Stephenville, Texas, head cut.
Mrs. Leverite, Stephenville, Texas, internal.
J. P. McCaskill, Abbott, Texas, shoulder dislocated and cut.
P. R. Payne, McKinney, Texas, ribs broken, badly cut.
Miss Annie Bufore, Kerrville, Texas, teeth knocked out, face badly cut.
Mrs. Buford’s baby, cut serious.
Meda Cuntiff, Anna, Texas, teeth knocked out, face badly cut.
Ella Cuntiff, Anna, Texas, cut and bruised.
Mrs. I. B. Dillow, McKinney, Texas, face cut, nose partially torn from face.

Twenty others received slight cuts and bruises.

All the injured were taken to the company’s hospital at Springfield, Mo.

Dr. Green attended many of the injured before the railroad physicians arrived. He saved one life, that of President Payne, who was bleeding to death. At the time of the accident the train, which was half an hour behind, was running at the rate of 35 miles an hour. For some unknown reason, the tender became uncoupled from the engine and turned half way around, crossing the track. The cars followed with the excaption [sic] of the Pullman sleeper, went into the ditch. The Pullman left the track but remained upright. The injured were cared for in the sleeper.

Reno Evening Gazette, Reno, NV 4 Aug 1904


Among the injured were:
Mrs. James M. Drake, postmistress of Salina, Texas, badly.
Seven year old son with R. Myser, Fort Worth, badly.
A. G. Leverite, Stephonsonville, Texas.
J. P. McCarroll, Abbott, Texas.
P. R. Payne, McKinney, Texas.
Miss Annie Buford, Kerrville, Texas.
Meda Cuntiff and Anna Cuntiff, of Anna, Texas.
Mrs. I. B. Dillow, McKinney, Texas.

The Daily Journal, Telluride, CO 4 Aug 1904