Guthrie, OK Adder's Bite Fatal, May 1905

The Guthrie Daily Leader newspaper, Guthrie, OK
Wednesday 17 May 1905; Page 5, Column 3

Spreading Adder's Bite Fatal

Vinita, I.T. - May 17 - Jason ISBELL died here last night from the effects of a snake bite. He was fixing a fence on his cousin's farm near here, and noticed a dog baking at something in a bunch of grass. His sleeves were rolled up, and as he reached down to part the grass a spreading adder struck him on the left arm, making two wounds about an inch and a half apart. Isbell walked a few feet and fell. He later rallied and came to town, arriving three hours after he had been bitten. The doctor was unable to do anything for him and ISBELL died in terrible agony. It required three stong men to hold him during his dying paroxyams.